CNC মেশিন 50 প্রয়োজনীয় CAD দক্ষতা


1. How to set the rotation and non-rotation of text mirroring

A. Before mirroring, enter the MIRRTEXT command

B. Entering a new value of 0 means not rotating; entering a new value of 1 means rotating

C. After the MIRRTEXT instruction is completed, enter the MI mirroring instruction and it will be OK

2. CAD version conversion

A, CAD high version can open all low version drawings

B. The lower version of CAD cannot open the drawing of the higher version

C. To convert the high version to the low version, click directly save as, and the file type can be changed to any low version

D. It is more complicated to convert the lower version to the higher version, and third-party software is required, that is, the version converter

3. The CAD file is saved as a low version by default

A. Enter OP in the drawing interface

B. Click the Open and Save tab

C. Select the lower version in the file save-save as place.

4. The method of merging polylines

A. Enter the PE instruction

B. Select a line to be merged, enter Y, and then enter J

C. Select all the lines that need to be merged, that's it

5. The solution when the filling is invalid

Sometimes it will not be filled when filling. In addition to the system variables that need to be considered, you also need to check it in the OP option. Solution: OP-display-apply entity filling (tick)

6. The solution when the addition is invalid

The correct setting should be able to select multiple objects continuously, but sometimes, the continuous selection of objects will be invalid, and only the last selected object can be selected. Solution:

OP (option)-selection-SHIFT key is added to the selection set (remove the tick)   

Use the SHIFT key to add to the selection set "Remove the tick", then the addition is valid, otherwise the addition is invalid

7. Three-key restoration of CAD commands

What if the system variables in CAD are changed unintentionally, or some parameters are adjusted deliberately?

At this time, there is no need to reinstall, and no need to change one by one. Solution: OP option-configuration-reset, but after recovery, some options still need some adjustments, such as the size of the cross cursor, etc.~

8. What should I do if the middle mouse button is not easy to use?

Under normal circumstances, the CAD scroll wheel can be used to zoom in and out, as well as pan (press and hold), but sometimes, when you press and hold the scroll wheel, the next menu is displayed instead of panning, which is very annoying.

Solution: At this time, you only need to adjust the system variable mbuttonpan, the initial value: 1

When pressing and dragging the button or wheel, it supports pan operation.

9. The model in the command line, the solution when the layout is missing

OP——Options——Display——Display layout and model tabs (check it)

10. CAD Skills

As we all know, there are two OK keys, one is "Enter" and the other is "Space", but now let's use the right button to replace them.

Solution: OP option-user system configuration-in the drawing area, use the shortcut menu (tick) to customize the right button, click in-tick all the repeated previous commands

11. What to do if the pie chart is not round

Method 1: This is simple, you can directly enter the command RE to   

Method 2: OP——Display——just increase the smoothness of the circle or arc.

12. The scroll bar is displayed in the graphics window

Solution: OP——Display——Display the scroll bar in the graphics window. OP——Display——Display the scroll bar in the graphics window.

13. What if you want to print the same line type next time as this time?

In other words [how to save the print list], the solution: OP option-print-add the print list, but before that, you have to create a list of your own

14. How to reduce file size

After the drawing is finished, execute the PURGE command to clean up redundant data, such as useless blocks, layers without entities, unused line styles, fonts, size styles, etc., which can effectively reduce the file size. Generally, a thorough cleaning requires two to three times of PURGE. 

-purge, add a minus sign in front of it to clean up more thoroughly.

15. Why can't Chinese characters be displayed? The input Chinese character becomes a question mark?

reasons may be:  

1) The corresponding font type does not use Chinese fonts, such as HZTXT.SHX, etc.;   

2) There is no Chinese font shape file in the current system; the shape file used should be copied to the AutoCAD font directory;   

3) For some symbols, such as Greek letters, the corresponding font shape file must also be used, otherwise it will be displayed as a question mark.  

If you can’t find what the wrong font is, or if your eyes are not good and you are a bit anxious, then you can reset the correct font and size, write a new one, and then use a small brush to touch the newly entered font to brush the wrong font. Huh~

(The system has some built-in fonts, but sometimes due to incorrect operation or other external factors, the Chinese character fonts are lost. This will bring you great inconvenience. Then you go to someone else’s computer to copy Some fonts will be ok)

16. Why the height of the input text cannot be changed

When the height value of the font used is not 0, the DTEXT command does not prompt to input the height when writing the text, so the height of the written text is unchanged, including the dimensioning performed by the font.

17. Why some graphics can be displayed but not printed

If the graphics are drawn on the layers automatically generated by AutoCAD, this will happen and should be avoided on these layers.

18. What should I do if the DWG file is damaged?

Answer: File-drawing utility-repair, select the file you want to repair

19. What if you want to modify the block?

Many people think that the block cannot be modified, so they will explode it, and then merge and redefine it into a block after modification. Here is a simple way:   

Modify the block command: REFEDIT, use the command REFCLOSE after the prompt to modify, confirm to save, and you will save it after you press the original button.

20. What should I do if the mirrored font remains unrotated?

When the value is 0, the mirrored font can be kept rotated when the font is not rotated.

21. How to input the square?

Mark the picture first, and then use the ED command to mark special characters such as squares by selecting from the @ drop-down menu in the text format menu.

22. Input of special symbols

We know that the "Ф" that represents the diameter uses the control code %%C, the "±" that represents the ground level uses the control code %%P, and the degree symbol "°" uses the control code %%D. But how do you type in CAD   

1) T text command, drag out a text box   

2) Right-click in the dialog box-symbol-some options will appear

23. What should I do if the printed font is hollow?

Enter the TEXTFILL command on the command line. If the value is 0, the font is hollow. A value of 1 means that the font is solid.

24. Eliminate point marks

In AutoCAD, sometimes there is a cross-point mark that will be generated at the mouse click. Use the BLIPMODE command and enter OFF in the prompt line to eliminate it.

25. Recovery of wrong files

Sometimes the CAD drawings that we have worked so hard to draw for a few days suddenly cannot be opened due to power failure or other reasons, and there is no backup file, then we can try the following method to restore:   

Select the "Drawing Utilities/Recover" item in the "File" menu, select the file to be recovered in the pop-up "Select File" dialog box, and confirm, and the system starts to perform the recovery File operations.

26. Restore the failed feature matching command

Sometimes when we are using AutoCAD R14, other commands are normal, but the feature matching is not available, and the installation program cannot be found when reinstalling the software, then try the method described below: type menu on the command line Command, in the pop-up "Select Menu File" dialog box, select the acad.mnu menu file to reload the menu.

27, how to hide coordinates

Sometimes you will use some capture software to capture the CAD graphical interface or perform some similar printing operations, but in the process, are you worried about the coordinates of the lower left corner?  

Because of its existence, it affects your operation.

Solution: Turn UCSICON to OFF to turn it off, otherwise ON to turn it on.

28. What if I want to insert the CAD drawing into WORD?

1) Provide a simple method first: use Better WMF software to directly copy and paste into Word, it is perfect!

2) In the production of Word documents, various illustrations are often required. Word has limited drawing functions, especially complex graphics. The shortcomings are more obvious. AutoCAD is a professional drawing software with powerful functions. It is very suitable for drawing more complex graphics. Use AutoCAD to draw well. Graphics, and then insert Word to make a compound document is a good way to solve the problem. You can use the EXPORT function provided by AutoCAD to first output the AutoCAD graphics in BMP or WMF format, and then insert the Word document. You can also copy the AutoCAD graphics to the clipboard first. Then paste it in the Word document. It should be noted that since the default background color of AutoCAD is black, and the background color of Word is white, the background color of AutoCAD graphics should be changed to white first. In addition, after AutoCAD graphics are inserted into Word documents, the margins are often too large and the effect is not ideal. Use the cropping function on the Word image toolbar to trim, and the problem of too large margins can be solved.

29. What if I want to insert EXCEL?

Although AutoCAD has powerful graphics functions, the table processing function is relatively weak. In actual work, it is often necessary to make various tables in AutoCAD, such as engineering quantity tables. How to make tables efficiently is a very practical problem.

In the AutoCAD environment, using manual line drawing method to draw the form, and then fill in the text in the form, not only inefficient, but also difficult to accurately control the writing position of the text, text layout is also a problem. Although AutoCAD supports object linking and embedding, you can insert Word or Excel tables, but on the one hand, it is not very convenient to modify. A small modification must be entered into Word or Excel, and after the modification is completed, it must be returned to AutoCAD.

On the other hand, some special symbols, such as the first-level steel bar symbols and the second-level steel bar symbols, are difficult to input in Word or Excel. Is there a way to get the best of both worlds? After exploration, it can be better solved like this: first finish it in Excel Copy the table to the clipboard, and then select Paste Special in the Edit menu in the AutoCAD environment. After confirming, the table will be converted into an AutoCAD entity, exploded with explode, and you can edit the lines and squares in it, which is very convenient.

30. Effective ways to delete stubborn layers

The effective way to delete a stubborn layer is to use layer mapping, command laytrans, the layer to be deleted can be mapped to layer 0. This method can delete layers that have solid objects or nested definitions of other blocks. It can be said to be a universal layer deleter.

31. How to close the *BAK file in CAD

1) Tools-Options, select the "Open and Save" tab, and then remove the check mark before "Create a backup every time you save" in the dialog box.  

2) You can also use the command ISAVEBAK to modify the system variable of ISAVEBAK to 0. When the system variable is 1, a "*BAK" backup file will be created every time you save.

32. In CAD, the box showing the coordinates at the bottom left of the drawing area sometimes turns gray. When the mouse moves in the drawing area, the displayed coordinates do not change.

At this time, you need to press the F6 key or modify the COORDS system variable to 1 or 2.

When the system variable is 0, it means that the coordinate display is updated when the point is specified by the pointing device; when the system variable is 1, it means that the coordinate display is continuously updated; when the system variable is 2, it means that the coordinate display is continuously updated, when the distance and angle are needed. , Displays the distance and angle to the previous point.

33. What should I do if I open an old drawing with AutoCAD and sometimes encounter an abnormal error and abort and exit?

You can create a new graphic file, and insert the old graphic in the form of a block, which may solve the problem.

34. What if the size arrow and trace drawn by Trace become hollow in AutoCAD?

Use the FILLMMODE command and enter the new value 1 in the prompt line to change it back to solid

35. What should I do if the content of layer 1 is obscured by the content of layer 2

If in a picture, the content of layer 1 is hidden by the content of layer 2, use the tool-display-front to display the hidden content.

36. The solution when a fatal error occurs when printing under the XP system with AUTOCAD (2002 and 2004):

Do not open the print stamp function in AUTOCAD. If it is already open, you need to change the ACPLTSTAMP.ARX file in the AUTOCAD root directory to another name or delete it. However, you cannot run AUTOCAD when deleting, and you must have administrator rights, otherwise you cannot delete it.

37. How to measure the length of multi-line segments and polylines with arcs?

Just use the list command (list)

38. How to divide the geometry into equal parts? How to equally divide the interior of a rectangle into arbitrary N×M small rectangles, or divide the circle into N parts, or equally divide any corners.

The divide command only divides the line segment equally, and cannot divide other geometric figures equally. Direct halving of geometric figures has no such function. But after you divide the two sides of the rectangle into M and N equal parts, can't you still get the equal division of the rectangle?

39. In the past, pressing the 3D mouse wheel button was a pan command, but now it has become a capture setting. How to change it back?

Enter MBUTTONPAN directly at the command prompt, and the system will prompt for a new value. Set the system variable MBUTTONPAN=1.

40. How to measure the length of a circle in AUTOCAD2000, if the length is 125 cm, how to draw the circle?

With the lengthen command, you can know the arc length and change the arc length.

41. Why is my CAD2000 stack button not available?

The use of stacking, one is to have a stacking symbol, and the other is to select the stacked content before operation.

42. Do you know how to turn the line drawn by L into PL?

Use the pedit command to edit the polyline, which has a merge (J) option.

43. Why is there still a dashed line when printing colored lines after using the print style sheet? How to set it up?

There are two ways to set printing. If it is color-related printing, you cannot change the print style settings in the layer manager. The other is to name print styles.

44. What are the concepts of region, block, and entity? Can you combine several entities into one entity, and then select the merged entity at one time when selecting.

A region is a two-dimensional area created with a closed shape or ring. A block is a collection of objects that can be combined to form a single object (or called a block definition) (a picture can generally be regarded as a block in another picture). There are two concepts of entity. One is the tangible base that constitutes a figure.

The second element of this element refers to three-dimensional objects. For three-dimensional entities, you can use "Boolean operations" to combine them, and for generalized entities, you can use "blocks" or "groups" for "union.

45. I don't know how to adjust the size of the frame when inserting the frame in the architectural drawing?

The frame is drawn according to the standard drawing number. In use, it is necessary to consider the issue of printing ratio. So according to the size of your graphics, calculate a printing ratio with the selected figure number. If the ratio is 1:50, then the frame is enlarged by 50 times when using the frame, and if it is reduced by 50 times when printing, it is exactly the size of the original frame.

46. I set the proportion of the dashed line in the paper space and I can see it clearly, but the layout is a solid line, and the printed line is also a solid line

This is related to the linear scale factor. If you want to look appropriate in both the model space and the paper space, remove the hook at the red line in the drawing. If it is hooked, then in order to ensure the correct representation of the line type when printing from the paper space, the effect of the model space cannot be guaranteed to be appropriate.

47. The solution to the invalid Ctrl key

For example, CTRL+C (copy), CTRL+V (paste), CTRL+A (select all) and other commands related to the CTRL key are invalid. At this time, you only need to go to OP option to adjust   

Operation: OP (option)-user system configuration-windows standard accelerator key (tick), after the standard accelerator key is ticked, the commands related to the CTRL key are valid, otherwise it is invalid

48. The content of layer 1 is obscured by the content of layer 2, what should I do?

If it is in a picture, the content of layer 1 is obscured by the content of layer 2  

Operation: Tools-Display-Front can display the hidden content

49. What should I do if the toolbar is missing?

A. If the toolbar in AUTOCAD is missing, right click on the toolbar and it will do   

B. If it is not seen due to normal shutdown, select the toolbar you want to apply in the view toolbar.

50. The method to modify the text alignment without changing the text position

Operation: modify-object-text-justify   

Change the alignment, the position of the text will not change.