How does a machining manufacturer divide the machining process?


Machining manufacturers can use different machine tools, materials, tools, cutting methods to do the machining of parts for customers, it can be seen that machining is a highly complex work so need to have a wealth of experience and high level to ensure the quality of machining, in addition, but also a reasonable division of the machining process. So how to correctly divide the machining process?

No.1. Tool concentration division method

Using this method, the division of machining processes, machining manufacturers is actually divided into processes according to the tools used, with the same tool after processing all the parts of the part can be completed, in the second tool, the third tool to complete the other parts they can complete. This division method can effectively reduce the number of tool changes and compress the empty travel time, thus reducing unnecessary positioning errors.

No.2. Processing part division method

Machining manufacturers in the processing of many parts to do processing, but also according to the structural characteristics of the parts to the processing part into a number of parts, in general, to take after the first processing plane and positioning surface and then the order of processing holes, or first processing simple geometry and then complex geometry, as well as first processing lower precision parts and then processing higher precision requirements of the parts.

No.3. Roughing and finishing method

For those parts that are more prone to processing deformation of machining manufacturers in its processing, it should be in accordance with the roughing and finishing methods to process division, because roughing may occur after the deformation of the processing is completed, so the need to calibrate the shape, so where the need for roughing and finishing parts are to separate the process. As you can see, there are many ways to divide the machining process, but to correctly and reasonably divide the process popular machining manufacturers must be based on the structure of the processed parts and process, as well as the function of the machine tool and the number of parts CNC machining content, etc. to be flexible, and strive to achieve a reasonable division of the machining process.